The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) recently released a list attacking multiple pro-family organizations, labeling them as "hate groups." In response, Family Watch International released the following press statement. Please support us in holding the SPLC accountable for these malicious attacks.

Read the entire press release here.


Now is the Time to Take a Stand for the Family!

Dear Family Advocates:Sharon Slater, President

Welcome to Family Watch International! I invite you to join us in building a critical and exciting worldwide movement to preserve and promote the family, traditional marriage, life, parental rights and religious freedom.

These fundamental institutions and values that are so critical to any society are under increasing attack by UN agencies and treaties, unelected activist judges, politicians, special interest groups, much of the media and popular entertainment. Please take a few minutes to browse this site to get an overview of the many ways we are working to protect and promote the family.

One fast and easy way to help is by signing our “I Stand for the Family” International Petition. We are building a network of one million people across the world who have shown that they are willing to stand for the family at the international, national and local levels. This petition will be invaluable in showing worldwide support for the family, marriage, life, religion and parental rights wherever the family is under attack in venues across the world.

By signing this petition you will also be joining FWI’s growing Internet coalition of family advocates and help us in our efforts to protect the family against such threats as same-sex marriage, abortion, autonomous “rights” for children that undermine parental rights, the promotion of radical “sexual rights,” the denigration of religion, motherhood and other fundamental family values.

We will also keep you informed of critical family issues by sending you our free Family Watch Update by email. From time to time, we will also send you action alerts telling you simple things you can do to help protect the family.

There is strength in numbers, and together we can and must make a difference!

Sharon Slater

P.S. You can help support our efforts even more by becoming a Sponsoring Member of Family Watch International for a minimum contribution of $25US. Click here to make a contribution safely and securely on line or to print out a form to mail in.

The "I Stand for the Family" International Petition

Whereas, the traditional family is increasingly under attack on a variety of fronts at the international, national, state, and local levels, and

Whereas, weakening the family will have serious negative repercussions on families, individuals and societies, and

Whereas, it will take the best efforts of all of us working together to stem the tide of family disintegration and to preserve the family,

Therefore, I pledge my support to preserve and protect the family in the arenas where I have influence. Specifically I support efforts to:

  • Strengthen the family as the fundamental unit of society
  • Preserve and protect marriage as only between a man and a woman
  • Protect life before as well as after birth
  • Preserve the rights of all citizens to practice their religion as they choose so long as that does not infringe on the rights of others
  • Preserve the rights of parents to direct the moral, spiritual and intellectual upbringing of their children

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stand for the family


Stand for the Family by Sharon Slater
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What is Family Watch International?

FWI is a nonprofit organization working at the international and national level to promote family-based solutions to world problems. Our primary focus is on education, family policy and humanitarian service:

Education: We gather and analyze data regarding the welfare of children and families including news items, statistics and the results of peer-reviewed social science research and provide this information to the public, the media and policy makers around the world. Click here to receive our free Family Watch Update.

Family Policy: We promote laws, policies, and programs that strengthen the family and improve the lives of children. Click here for a list of specific family issues that we focus on.

Humanitarian Service: We organize donors and volunteers to provide family-based humanitarian aid to children and families including domestic and inter-country adoption and direct aid to children in crisis. Click here to learn about our "Families for Orphans" project. Click here to learn more about our "I Can Soar," life skills education program for adolescents in developing countries.

Please review our projects and activities on this Web site and join with us in our work to strengthen and promote the family as the fundamental unit of society and as the preventative solution to many of the world’s problems.