The War on Children: The Comprehensive Sexuality Education Agenda

This documentary exposes this harmful sexuality curriculum that is infiltrating schools around the world. Already translated into 7 different languages, this documentary has stopped harmful CSE programs from being mandated to children in a number of countries and states.

The Porn Pandemic: The Devastating Effects on Children, Families and Society

This documentary, the first in a series, powerfully weaves together the testimonies of experts, therapists, and former pornography addicts to show the devastating impact of pornography on children, families and society. Among the experts featured in the film is Dr. Donald Hilton, who presents information about the escalating impact of pornography on the structure and functioning of the brain.

This documentary also provides evidence showing how pornography can lead to violence against women, prostitution, trafficking in persons, and sexual crimes against children. While the film exposes pornography as a devastating and debilitating addiction, it ends with a message of hope as it shares how former addicts and their families find healing through therapy and the support of family members.

Understanding Same-sex Attraction

This documentary is an eye-opening experience for many as it presents clear evidence showing that no one is “born gay” and that many people with unwanted same-sex attraction have been able to change.  We summarize the research data, include interviews with top experts in the field, and present powerful testimonials from four men who speak honestly, openly and compellingly about what it was like for them to develop same-sex attraction and live the homosexual lifestyle.  They then discuss their experiences with therapy that helped them to develop a healthy heterosexual sexual orientation.

In conjunction with the release of this video, we are also releasing our extensive new policy brief, Laws Banning Sexual Orientation Change Therapy are Harmful and Violate Fundamental Human Rights.

Our new documentary and policy brief together are very timely.  More and more people are confused because of misinformation regarding homosexuality, and they believe the “born that way” (and can’t change) myth.  Increasingly, the rights of those who seek change therapy (also known as sexual orientation change therapy or SOCE) are violated, as laws are being enacted to ban it.  


Cultural Imperialism: The Sexual Rights Agenda

Cultural imperialism: The Sexual Rights Agenda is a hard-hitting documentary exposing how Western donor nations are now using financial aid as a weapon to force smaller nations to comply with a radical sexual rights agenda.

Our film Cultural Imperialism was created in response to numerous complaints from UN representatives of developing countries. They asked us to expose to the American people what the Obama administration, along with several UN agencies, is doing to their countries. The hope of these representatives is that, upon being made aware of the problem, Americans, as well as other people around the world, will rise up and stop Obama’s cultural imperialism. They also want to show Cultural Imperialism in their own countries to help raise awareness of these abuses.

In the film, African and Caribbean representatives at the UN speak out about how they are being bullied by the West into accepting legalized prostitution and special homosexual rights in their countries, despite overwhelming opposition from their people. The film shows how this imposition of sexual rights is eroding the religious and cultural values of these countries and destroying their families.

Throughout the film you will also follow the story of three AIDS orphan siblings who lost their brother and both parents to AIDS. These children speak out at the United Nations against the Western-based sexuality education that is sexualizing children throughout the world.

The film also reveals:

  • How rich countries and the United Nations, under the guise of preventing AIDS, are actually spreading AIDS through their sexual rights approach.

  • How the condom approach has failed to stop the spread of AIDS.

  • How the United States under the Obama administration is blackmailing poor countries by withholding aid unless these developing nations implement laws and policies to advance lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights.

  • How children are being sexualized through comprehensive sexuality education programs supported by the Obama administration and several agencies of the United Nations in cooperation with several other wealthy countries and International Planned Parenthood.

To sign the petition to stop these abuses click here.

“The Best Interest of the Child”

This compelling documentary was produced by award winning producer David Perry. David has won several awards for this specific film, including the Pegasus Award, DV Award, and the UPVA Award.

The documentary begins with the very emotional story of Luis, Amelia, and Afonso, three AIDS orphan siblings who watched first their father, then their mother and then their older brother die from AIDS.  They were abandoned by relatives and lived on their own for some time in an unfinished house without a roof and then were put in an orphanage.  They are featured in the documentary to put a human face to the orphan crisis and the plight of HIV/AIDS orphans in developing countries.

The documentary features Dr. Jini L. Roby, internationally renowned expert on orphan issues, who describes the worldwide orphan crisis and challenges the world to come together to provide solutions for vulnerable children.  Dr. Roby provides expert commentary on the outcomes for orphans who are institutionalized.  Several orphans from around the world then share their orphanage experiences.  UNICEF’s position statement on inter-country adoption is stated in the film, and Dr. Roby expounds that the best situation for orphans is with their extended family members. If, for any of numerous reasons, that is not possible then the next best option would be with an adoptive family in a child’s country of origin.  And if that is not possible, then inter-country adoption can be explored as an option.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child is quoted in the film, where it states that a child should grow up in a family environment in an atmosphere of happiness and love and the stories are told of various orphans who have been fortunate enough to have been placed with loving families. Dr. Roby explores issues of health, safety and education for orphans and addresses research and studies that show that children fare best in a family environment.   She also addresses the research with regard to trans-racial adoption.  Throughout the documentary, government officials from Mozambique provide their own commentary regarding their experiences at an intercultural exchange on orphan issues and adoption held in the U.S.  The documentary ends with a plea for the global community to come together to address the orphan crisis and for countries to consider adoption as a solution for some children.

A personal note by Sharon Slater about David Perry. When I first wrote about orphan issues David responded by offering his services to help raise awareness on the plight of the world's orphans.  He has traveled with me through Africa and spent countless hours filming abroad and in the US.  Most recently, he volunteered to film our premire of this documentary at its premier at this UN.  David has won numerous awards for his work including several for this documentary.  He has been a pleasure to work with and a huge blessing to our "Families for Orphans" project.