About Us

For press inquiries contact us at media@familywatchinternational.org

Mission of Family Watch International:

Preserve and promote the family, based on marriage between a man and a woman as the societal unit that provides the best outcome for men, women and children. 

Founded in 1999, Family Watch International (FWI) is a nonprofit, international organization with members and supporters in over 170 countries.  FWI is not affiliated with any religious group or political party and is a tax-exempt, tax-deductible charity under Section 501 (c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

Family Watch works at the United Nations and in countries around the world educating the public and policymakers regarding the central role of the family and advocating for women, children and families at the international, national, and local level.  FWI also provides family-based humanitarian aid to orphans and vulnerable children.

Since the overwhelming preponderance of social science research shows that children fare best when raised by both their married biological parents, and since traditional marriage has increasingly come under attack in public policies, Family Watch is devoting greater resources to preserving the institution of man/woman marriage as the foundation for healthy families. 

Family Watch Objectives:

Education: Identify, analyze and report on cultural, social and legal dynamics affecting marriage, family stability, and children. (Click here to access our Family Policy Briefs.)

Family Policy Advocacy: Promote public policies and programs that strengthen families and serve the best interest of children.

Research: Encourage academic research into important family issues.

Family-Based Humanitarian Aid: Organize donors and volunteers to aid children in crisis and promote family-based care for orphans (see www.familiesfororphans.org)