100 Questions for the Girls Scouts

The Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood

The information in this section will show that a number of Girl Scout councils have partnered with or currently partner with Planned Parenthood Federation of America to provide controversial sexuality education to girls. It will also show numerous other ways the Girl Scouts connects girls to people, organizations or websites that promote Planned Parenthood.

Background Facts:

  • In addition to being the largest abortion provider in the United States, Planned Parenthood Federation of America [hereafter, Planned Parenthood] is also one of the leading purveyors in the U.S. of explicit “comprehensive sexuality education” for youth. (Click here to learn more about comprehensive sexuality education and how it undermines the values many parents are trying to teach their daughters.)

  • Planned Parenthood also helped co-found and is a member association of International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), which in addition to being one of the largest abortion providers in the world, is one of the leading purveyors of “comprehensive sexuality education” internationally.

  • Click here to see International Planned Parenthood’s “Exclaim!” publication which provides a good summary of the philosophies and positions of both organizations wherein it states, “young people understand that they are entitled to sexual pleasure and how to experience different forms of sexual pleasure is important for their health and well-being.” It also states among other things that “Governments must respect, protect and fulfill all sexual rights for young people.”

  • Since Planned Parenthood believes that children have a right to sexual pleasure, they provide graphic instruction in their various publications and websites on multiple ways youth can obtain sexual pleasure. (See IPPF’s “Healthy, Happy, and Hot” brochure.)

Question: Why, in official statements of policy, does Girl Scouts headquarters continue to mislead the public by repeatedly insisting they do not partner with or have a relationship with Planned Parenthood without clearly disclosing the relationships many of their councils have had or currently have with this controversial organization?

Click here to watch a video of former Girl Scout CEO, Kathy Cloninger, admit on national TV that GSUSA partners with Planned Parenthood to bring sexual information to girls.

Question: Are Girl Scout families aware that a substantial number of Girl Scout councils have admitted on a survey that they partner with Planned Parenthood?

Click here to see a video clip from The O’Reilly Factor regarding this survey.

Click here to listen to a GSUSA spokesperson claim that GSUSA headquarters has never partnered with Planned Parenthood. She then states that although under GSUSA policy Girl Scout councils (which actually implement the programming with girls), are free to partner with Planned Parenthood, she is not aware of any that do.

Question: If GSUSA itself has never partnered with Planned Parenthood, why did they allow their logo to be printed on Planned Parenthood’s brochure advertising a controversial event “Nobody’s Fool: Dating, Love, Sex, and HIV?”

Click here to see this brochure with the Girl Scout logo on it.

Question: Are parents of Girl Scouts aware that Planned Parenthood promotes teaching children by the time they are five that "it's normal to touch one’s sex organs for pleasure" and among other things that their website promotes masturbation, teaches youth they can have "safer sex" using "sex toys," and that safe sex can include "cybersex" and "phone sex?"

Click here to see Planned Parenthood’s instructions for youth on sex toys and “safer sex.” (WARNING: This material may be offensive to some readers.)

Click here to see Planned Parenthood promote "cybersex" and "phone sex" to youth in order to lower the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. (WARNING: This material may be offensive to some readers.)

Click here to see a video that exposes Planned Parenthood’s "Take Care Down There" series depicting youth exposing themselves to each other and engaging in various controversial sex acts. (The "Take Care Down There" coverage begins at 1 minute 17 seconds. No genitals are shown. WARNING: This material may be offensive to some readers.)

Click here to see a music video for teens from Planned Parenthood’s “Take Care Down There” series, the lyrics of which are entirely slang terms for male and female genitals. (WARNING: This material may be offensive to some readers.)

Question: Are parents aware that if their Girl Scout council partners with Planned Parenthood their daughters may be exposed to sexually graphic booklets like, It’s Perfectly Normal, which was distributed to 700 Girl Scouts in Texas? This booklet condones masturbation and contains explicit cartoons of couples having sex and a boy putting on a condom.

Click here to see some of the drawings in It’s Perfectly Normal. (WARNING: These may be offensive to some readers.)

Question: How can Girl Scouts of the USA justify allowing their Girl Scout councils to partner with Planned Parenthood when such partnerships can result in connecting Girl Scouts to explicit and dangerous sexual advice like that found on and linked to on the Real Life Real Talk website?

Click here to see how a Girl Scout council in New York (NYPENN Pathways) is currently partnering with Planned Parenthood on their Real Life Real Talk project.

Click here to see a Planned Parenthood publication stating that the NYPENN Pathways Girl Scout Council was also partnering with Planned Parenthood on this project in 2010.

Click here to access a video on the Real Life Real Talk website showing how a teenage lesbian comes out of the closet by kissing her girlfriend in front of her heterosexual friends, and then click on “Lipstick.”

Click here to see where Girl Scouts browsing on the Real Life Real Talk website can link to Sex, Etc. A Website By Teens for Teens where among other things:

  • Girls are told here that it can be a selfish choice not to have an abortion.

  • Girls can receive instructions on how to obtain sexual pleasure using various body parts.

  • Girls can receive graphic and detailed answers to questions like “How do girls who have sex with girls have sex?” and “How do guys who have sex with guys have sex?”

(WARNING: This material is very graphic; however, you can safely click here, then click on “LGBTQ” to see just the list of explicit topics covered without being exposed to the graphic materials.)

Question: Why did the GSUSA website direct girls to learn about teen pregnancy by going to www.stayteen.org, which refers pregnant girls to Planned Parenthood?

Click here to see a screenshot of the page that directed Girl Scouts to stayteen.org before GSUSA removed it.

Click here to see where this stayteen.org webpage refers girls to Planned Parenthood.

Question: Why does GSUSA as part of a badge requirement send girls to kidshealth.org, a website that refers girls to Planned Parenthood in their teen section here?

Question: Why did the Girl Scouts feature Marie Wilson, staunch abortion supporter and defender of Planned Parenthood as a keynote speaker at a national Girl Scout convention?

Click here for Wilson’s Huffington Post article defending funding for Planned Parenthood.

Click here to see a letter signed by Wilson criticizing the pro-life position of a New York politician.

Question: Why did a Girl Scout council select Pam Smallwood, a woman with a 30-year career with Planned Parenthood in Waco Texas, (10 years as CEO) to honor as a “Woman of Distinction” for girls to emulate?

Question: Why did another Girl Scout council hire a former Planned Parenthood lobbyist who defended a program informing teens how to bypass Nebraska’s parental notification law?

Question: Why did yet another Girl Scout council honor a state representative who voted in favor of Planned Parenthood’s abortion issues 100 percent of the time and who has a long history of speaking out in support of LGBT rights?

Question: Why does a Girl Scout workbook encourage girls to explore the website of Media Matters for America, an organization that aggressively defends Planned Parenthood funding on its website alongside Moveon.org and NARAL Pro-Choice America? (There are numerous articles on the Media Matters website attacking organizations and individuals that espouse conservative positions on social issues.)

Click here to see page 25 of the Girl Scouts’ Cadette Media workbook that refers girls to Media Matters.

Question: Why did the Girl Scouts select as a 2011 convention speaker and thus a role model for girls, Annise Parker, the mayor of Houston, who presided over the opening of the largest Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in the Western Hemisphere, and whose lesbian partner is the treasurer for a Planned Parenthood PAC?

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