100 Questions for the Girls Scouts

Concerned Girl Scout Leaders and Parents

Question: Why did a group of former Girl Scouts and concerned individuals feel compelled to create this video warning others about the Girl Scouts?

Why did a group of concerned current and former Girl Scouts, Girl Scout Leaders, Girl Scout Co-Leaders, Girl Scout Volunteers, Girl Scout Parents and Girl Scout Lifetime Members across the United States create the Honest Girl Scouts website?

Why did two teenage Girl Scouts feel the need to create the Speak Now: Girl Scouts website warning others of what they considered to be serious problems within GSUSA?

Why did a former Girl Scout feel compelled to write this anonymous letter to the editor of the Honest Girl Scout website explaining why she quit working for a Girl Scout council in New York?

Why did a former Girl Scout leader feel the need to pull her daughter out of Girl Scouts and form an alternative organization called American Heritage Girls?

Question: Why have the Boy Scouts entered into a memorandum of understanding with American Heritage Girls and not the Girl Scouts?

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