100 Questions for the Girls Scouts

This website was created by Family Watch International in collaboration with concerned former Girl Scouts, parents of Girl Scouts, and former Girl Scout leaders.

Message from the President of
Family Watch International

Although I enjoyed being a Girl Scout for a short time as a young girl I had not anticipated becoming involved with the Girl Scouts again after all these years. But now I am, and it happened in an unexpected and quite disturbing way.

For the last twelve years I have been actively involved in defending the family and family values at the international, national, state and local level. I am currently president of Family Watch International. Recently, I wrote a book, Stand for the Family, which exposes the various assaults on the family and suggests what each of us can do to protect and promote it.

Because I have been so involved in family issues during this time I was generally aware that the program of the Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) in recent years had become more socially liberal than it was when I was a member. But it was not until I stopped by a meeting room at a United Nations conference in 2010 that I realized how anti-family GSUSA had become.

A workshop cosponsored by GSUSA for Girl Scouts from the U.S. and young girls from other nations had just concluded, and I was picking up some of the material for participants on tables at the back of the room. One was a shocking booklet titled “Healthy, Happy and Hot,” which among other things teaches girls that they have a right to engage in any type of sexual activity they desire. But perhaps most shocking was the advice in the booklet that if they happened to be HIV positive it was completely up to them to decide whether to inform any sexual partner of their condition.

My report in “The Family Watch” newsletter uncovering the fact that I had picked up the explicit “Healthy, Happy, and Hot” brochure at a GSUSA-sponsored United Nations event got national media attention. It also started me and a number of Girl Scout leaders and parents on a journey to find out what the Girl Scouts have been teaching girls.

The more we investigated the more disturbed we became. In fact we were shocked at the breadth and depth of the information we found. It quickly became clear that only a complete website devoted solely to this issue could adequately present our findings.

Most parents of current Girl Scouts have no idea what their daughters will be exposed to as they move up through the ranks in the Girl Scout program, nor are they aware of what their donations and dues paid to the Girl Scouts may be funding that may run counter to their family values. If I were a parent of a Girl Scout I would want to know the information presented on this site.

As we talked to parents and showed them some of the evidence we found during the course of our research (which was aided substantially by a team of very concerned former Girl Scouts, parents of Girl Scouts and Girl Scout leaders) it quickly became apparent that a growing number of parents disagree with many of the new elements of the Girl Scout program and the direction they are taking.

This website is one of a number of tools available to educate parents about the values and issues the modern Girl Scouts are teaching to children and youth. The site contains a list of questions and related resources that parents of current or prospective Girl Scouts should understand.

We hope you will join us in asking the Girl Scouts of the USA some of the important questions on this site.

Sharon Slater

Sharon Slater

President of Family Watch International

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