100 Questions for the Girls Scouts

The Girl Scouts and Abortion

Background Facts:

  • Although the Girl Scouts claim they do not “take a position on abortion,” GSUSA indirectly promotes abortion through their affiliation with, links to, membership in, and financial support of pro-abortion organizations.

  • As noted in the Girl Scouts and Pro-Abortion WAGGGS section, GSUSA also supports abortion rights through their membership in, substantial funding of, and close relationship with the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), which aggressively promotes accessible, affordable and safe abortions.

  • One of the pro-life mothers who left the Girl Scouts upon learning of GSUSA’s relationship with WAGGGS reported the devastation she felt upon realizing that the WAGGGS pin she and her daughter had been wearing on their Girl Scout uniforms for years represented a pro-abortion organization.

  • As noted in the Girl Scouts and Pro-Abortion WAGGGS section, when Girl Scouts of the USA participate on WAGGGS UN teams they are participating with a delegation that aggressively promotes abortion. They also participate in UN caucuses, meetings and workshops that produce pro-abortion statements.
  • In 2010, Girl Scouts of the USA even facilitated the creation of a pro-abortion “Girls Statement” in their own United Nations “Girls Only Workshop.” (See the International Planned Parenthood section of this website to learn more about this controversial workshop.)
  • Despite GSUSA’s official statement that it does not take a position on girls’ health, sexuality, abortion or contraception, the “Girls Statement” GSUSA directed girls to work on during their workshop promoted abortion. Their statement demanded that UN Member States “ensure that girls have access to information and services regarding reproductive and sexual health.” (Emphasis added. Click here to read the “Girls Statement.”)
  • The GSUSA-facilitated “Girls Statement” to the UN was highly controversial because the term “reproductive health services” or any formulation of these words is commonly interpreted by UN Committees and agencies, as well as U.S. leaders such as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to include abortion. (Listen to Hillary Clinton testify at a Congressional hearing giving her opinion that “reproductive health” includes abortion.)
  • After receiving much negative media attention regarding the “Girls Statement” because of its pro-abortion language, GSUSA has attempted to distance itself from this statement they facilitated in their UN workshop.

Question: Why did the draft Girls Statement the Girl Scout leaders handed to girls to work on at the UN promote abortion by calling upon governments to “ensure that girls have access to information and services regarding reproductive and sexual health?” (Emphasis added.)

Question: Are parents aware that GSUSA is a member of the National Collaboration for Youth (NCY) and that NCY's home page connects girls to the pro-abortion Spark Action website? Spark Action promotes pro-abortion activism like the "We Had Abortions" campaign, Medical Students for Choice, and Catholics for a Free Choice.

Click here to see where NCY's home page says they are "among the forces behind SparkAction.org."

Question: Are parents aware that a link on GSUSA’s website sends girls to do research on the website of the pro-abortion Global Fund for Women (GFW), an organization that seeks to protect “women's right to reproductive choice” and works “to decriminalize and expand access to safe abortion?"

Question: Are parents aware that another link on that same GSUSA web page sends girls to do research on the website of the pro-abortion organization Amnesty International and that Timothy Higdon, Chief of External Affairs for GSUSA at one time was one of the highest paid executives at Amnesty International?

Click here to see an article announcing the official position of the Catholic Church which withdrew from Amnesty International because of its position on abortion.

Why did Girl Scouts select as a role model for girls Adrienne Germain by honoring her as “A Woman of Distinction?”

Ms. Germain, President Emerita of the pro-abortion International Women’s Health Coalition, and co-author of “Expanding Access to Safe Abortion: Strategies for Action” is one of the world’s most prominent abortion rights activists.

Question: Why does the Girl Scouts’ Journey handbook Mission: Sisterhood promote as a role model for Girl Scouts the feminist icon and abortion activist, Gloria Steinem, who co-founded Ms. Magazine, a publication that became famous after launching its “We Had Abortions” campaign?

Question: Why did the Girl Scouts present the Juliette Gordon Low Award to abortion activist Kavita Ramdas, former CEO and President of the pro-abortion Global Fund for Women and feature her as their keynote speaker at a convention?

Question: Why do Girl Scouts promote in their Journey book, Your Voice, Your World: The Power of Advocacy, as one of the “Voices for Good” Hillary Clinton for her controversial 1993 health care bill? Clinton’s 1993 health care plan would have expanded government funding for abortion.

Question: Do Girl Scout parents know that the GSUSA Journey book, Your Voice, Your World: The Power of Advocacy promotes feminist icon and abortion rights leader Betty Friedan, founder of the National Organization for Women (NOW) and NARAL Pro-Choice America, as a role model for Girls?

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